How To Get Rid Of Athletes Foot

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Athletes foot are often extremely irritating, highly uncomfortable and very embarrassing. How to get rid of athletes foot is a question that many people ask. Very often people do things which make athletes foot worse because of embarrassment. They don’t like people to see and smell their foots. They don’t take shoes and socks off and never allow their feet to dry out. However, athletes foot is very common for many people and in many cases may be cured relatively easy.

Athlete’s foot is a common foot disease and can be rather uncomfortable but fortunately, it is treatable.

Athletes Foot – What Are They?

Athletes foot is a very common foot fungus and known in the medical word as “tinea pedis”. It can be easily spread over your body if you are not careful. It flourish in dark, wet and worm places. If not treated it may become serious and develop bacterial infection. Athletes foot is not a matter of a life or death but can be painful and make walking difficult. The early signs of athletes foot are patches or fissures between the toes. In the more progressed stages the skin may turn red, become itchy, and appear moist. The area between the toes is most often affected but the infection may spread to the soles of the feet or to the toenails. However,  with proper foot care athletes foot is easy to treat and avoid. I strongly suggest that you read this article and learn how to get rid of athletes foot.

How to prevent athletes foot

Athletes foot breeds in locker rooms, swimming pool changing areas, or any place that combines dampness, wet, warm environment and a lot of foot traffic. Poorly cleaned instruments used in a pedicure can also lead to infection. To avoid the athletes foot avoid such places, keep bathroom surfaces clean and don’t share towels. Below are the best ways to prevent rather than learn how to get rid of athletes foot later.

1. Keep your feet clean

Keep your feet clean by washing them with soap and water at least once a day. Put clean socks on every day, and change them more often if you sweat a lot or get them wet. Read more about recommended soap cleansing wash at PediFix Tea Tree Ultimates

2. Keep your feet dry

This is very important how to get rid of athletes foot step. Every time you get out of the bath or shower, dry your feet thoroughly. This is very important if you are about to put on socks and shoes. You can hit your feet with a blow dryer but don’t set it too hot that your feet sweat.

3. Going barefoot

Whenever possible, go barefoot or wear sandals. If going barefoot is the problem, then wearing socks and shoes would seem to be the solution. But socks and shoes largely contribute to the proliferation of athlete’s foot once you have it. They create an ideal environment for fungi. Give your feet a chance to breathe. Take your shoes off while at home or wear sandals or canvas shoes that allow air to circulation.

4. Keep your shoes dry

It can take up to 24 hours for a pair of shoes to dry out completely after wearing them. So unlace them and open them up as far as you can to get them as dry as possible. Don’t wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row because it can take awhile for them to dry thoroughly. After taking a pair of shoes off, give the insides of them a quick squirt with some athlete’s foot antifungal spray.

5. Always wear clean socks and shoes

You should change your socks and shoes few times a day particularly when you do something that causes your feet to sweat. Wear breathable cotton socks, it will help you with getting rid of athletes foot faster.

6. Use foot powders

Foot powders can be very protective. Although they may contain antifungal substances they reduce the friction between toes and between the foot and sock. This causes less sweat and a drier, less fungus-friendly environment. Read more about recommended powder at Lotrimin Antifungal Powder

How To Get Rid Of Athletes Foot With Home Remedies

1. How To Get Rid Of Athletes Foot With Foot Salt Soaking

Your foots will like a good salt soak. You may use Peppermint Foot Soak or Chakra Foot Soak Salts for foot soaking. For foot soaking purpose you may use a pan or a bucket or Foot Bath. Follow the directions on the box for concentration and soak your feet for at least fifteen minutes twice a day. The salts will kill a lot of the foot fungus, help to soften your feet and relieve itch almost immediately.

2. How To Get Rid Of Athletes Foot With Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil helps make that burning foot feel better with this natural remedy. Apply straight tea tree oil to your feet two times daily for four to six weeks. This stuff is taken from the Australian Tea Tree. More details on Tea Tree oil application to cure athletes foot you may find on Athletes Foot Remedy – Natural Cures

3. How To Get Rid Of Athletes Foot With Vinegar

The use of vinegar is endless. You may use either plain white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Apple cider smells better, but white is cheaper. Mix it form 25/75 to 50/50 with water and soak your feet in it for fifteen to twenty minutes twice daily. Read more bout vinegar application to cure athletes foot on Home Remedy For Athletes Foot

4. How To Get Rid Of Athletes Foot With Yogurt

The type of home remedy that people commonly use to get rid of athletes foot is by soaking the feet in yogurt. This is recommended by the dermatologists. Yogurt appears to be a messier alternative compared to using vinegar or even any cream in general.

How To Get Rid Of Athletes Foot With Antifungal Products

There are plenty over-the-counter athletes foot antifungal products. It can be a little overwhelming to decide which one to use. Ask the pharmacist what they would recommend. Don’t be embarrassed about it. The pharmacists are used to this kind of thing. Below you will find few very good antifungal products for athletes foot treatment recommended by many people. You don’t need to visit local pharmacist, you can buy them online. Whatever you use, just make sure to finish the recommended regimen. If you stop using the foot treatment too early, there’s a very good chance the problem will return. Finally, if you’ve done everything you can to do to get rid of athlete’s foot and you just can’t win, go to the doctor. There are stronger athlete’s foot medications available through prescription.

1. How To Get Rid Of Athletes Foot With Antifungal Creams

There are plenty of antifungal creams on the market which doesn’t require prescription and you can buy them online or ever-the-counter. In general you should wash your feet and dry them properly. Once dried properly apply tiny layer of antifungal cream. You should always follow manufacturer’s advice on recommended application. Learn more about one of the best antifungal creams on the market at Lotrimin AF Antifungal Cream

2. How To Get Rid Of Athletes Foot With Antifungal Powders

Antifungal powders may be more convenient for you to use. Also, they may be used in combination with other athletes foot cures. You may apply antifungal powder to clean and dry feet. You may also consider to use antifungal powder in your shoes and your feet will be better protected during a day. Before using make sure your shoes are properly dried. Learn more about antifungal powder recommended by may users at Lotrimin Antifungal Powder

3. How To Get Rid Of Athletes Foot With Foot Soak Salts

Using foot soak salts for athletes foot cure may work very well if infection is not developed and severe. Foot soak salts will also give you foot relief and relaxation after a long day. The use is very simple. Mix foot soak salt with warm water and soak your feet fifteen to twenty minutes as per manufacturer’s recommendation. After soaking make sure to properly dry your feet. You may read more about foot soak salts at Peppermint Foot Soak or Chakra Foot Soak Salts. For a real pleasure while soaking your feet in foot soak salts and having foot massage at the same time you should use foot bath. Read more about the product recommended by may users at Foot Bath

How To Get Rid Of Athletes Foot – Conclusion

There are many athletes foot remedies and cures mentioned in this article. In most of the cases of athletes foot some of them will work very well. However, if you see no improvement after two weeks of using home and over-the-counter remedies please consult a foot care specialist. If the infection is severe (the skin is red, itchy, peeling, or blistered), or if you have diabetes or some other circulatory problem again consult a foot care specialist.

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